1. Hi Matthew, this image above of the guy with umbrella is mine and is infringed with the watermark removed… and also terrible editing of the color & grain for whomever did the editing. Please replace the image with the correct one that has a watermark (and is also better quality color & resolution). I can either send it direct if you email me, or you can join my private email list to get it and a lot more at Serg Studios dot com. Thanks! -Serg

    • Thanks, Serg, for contacting me. I can assure you that I did not edit your photo. I always give photographers credit if I know the source and would never edit out a photographer’s watermark. On occasion I re-size a photo and edit out rough edges/frames but that’s about it. I look forward to checking out your website and when I find the better version of this photo I’ll be glad to replace it and give you credit.

      • Hi Matthew, Thanks very much! That’s great! From looking at your nice website I got the impression that you genuinely appreciate the art and are a positive advocate, and were not likely the person who did the editing. If you want to send me a direct email I’d be happy to provide you with the image that is much better, and/or join the private email list at SergStudios and you’ll get access to a larger collection of images. (If you join put a note in the Comments to let me know.)

      • Thanks for your understanding. I’ll contact you via email or through your site (which I took a quick peek at – you’ve got a wonderful eye!). And I’ll replace your image with your original or take the altered one down. But now, off to my day job…

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