WOW! TEN MILLION HITS! If you can’t tell, I’m blown away and, as ever, surprised at how much this blog has been viewed over the years. And, as ever, I’m stunned by the global reach of this blog on a daily basis – while the US accounts for 45% of the viewers to date the rest of you are visiting from every nation, territory, and island around the globe (except not one hit from North Korea, their loss).

I’m a French Canadian-American middle aged gay guy who lives on a remote island in the Gulf of Maine that is 7 miles/11 kms off of the mainland and only accessible by a passenger ferry and private boats. Around 50 people live here year-round but in the Summer & Fall there are hundreds of people around: tourists, campers, yachters, or wealthy people from Boston, NYC, DC, and California staying in their large, ocean view seasonal/second homes. The latter are the people I cater to by cutting trees in the winter and doing landscaping/gardening for the rest of the year. Although I have friends & acquaintances here and in Boston, Montréal, NYC, DC, & Europe it is always great to chat with or even meet new people through this blog. I hope to do more of that, stay tuned.

I look forward to continuing the blog (going to have buy more space apparently!) in the years to come. I’m flattered that you all like much of what I post and hope to continue to provide you with a wide of array of images that I find beautiful or intriguing, whether they be the hot models (which, of course, is what brings people here mostly), art, nature photos, history, and everything else. I find these images all over the internet, most without any credit to a photographer, name of a model or location, etc. I really don’t have time to research and find out details for every image but you can always ask if something particularly intrigues you or you can use Google and other apps to do image searches. If I do caption a photo I do my best to make sure it is accurate, sometimes I err or repeat someone else’s mistake. For that I apologize, and try to make corrections when needed, but this ain’t Wikipedia.

Many thanks to you! On with the show!

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