2 thoughts on “MODELS IN THE FOREST

  1. Thank you Matthew, for this post is filled with beautiful pictures that I will certainly use as headers for my blog.
    I hope you are well, following the recent vacation I understood you had.
    I maybe late answering your question as to a destination for a foreign trip, anyway two of your suggestions rang a bell:
    – Prague. Not the largest European capital, yet it’s a definite must-see for anyone sensitive to architecture. Beginning of course with Charle’s bridge along with the astronomical clock on old-town plaza – but you won’t wanna miss what’s left from the ancient Jewish cemetery nearby. Been there, absolutely loved it. Not to mention Czechs are such nice people. As are Hungarians – despite what their current political leader might lead us to think. So should you plan a trip to that area I would definitely recommend including Budapest which in my opinion is worthier the visit than Vienna (too baroque and 19th-nouveau-riche to my taste).
    – Portugal. A country I have been wishing to visit for a long time. Possibly a destination for my next summer’s vacation. And not only because the finest pairs of shoes I ever bought were handmade by Portuguese bootmakers :- )
    Add to that the architectural history, the unavoidable azulejos, the Iberia pride, the somber appealing charm of the people.
    – As third destination – thought not the least – I would also consider the Amalfitan coast in Italy. Classy and adventurous in a James Bond way, intoxicating and soothing as villages clinging to mountains can be. And on top of it the most “Vespa” holiday you will ever have.

    (Re-reading this, I think I might might apply as a freelancer for a tour operator’s booklets, ha! ha!)

    • Hey! Good to hear from you, hope you are well. Please, go ahead and swipe any photos you like for your blog. Thanks for the link from your blog, it sends a couple dozen hits this way each day. And thanks for your travel tips. I’m planning on going the last 2 weeks of October. Still no decision on where though – and that will depend on how much money I can spend on this vacation (at the same time I have to do some repairs to my house and not sure how much that will cost exactly). I like the idea of Prague or Barcelona for 2 cities I’ve never been to yet. But it may come down to cost and I may just end up going to stay with my friend in (Tuscany) Italy and take a few shorter side trips to places I’ve never been in Italy like the Amalfi Coast, Rome (I visited when I was a child so that doesn’t count), or up in the mountains or lakes. Paris and the Loire valley are also not ruled out and are places I’ve been to but would love to return to again. If I were to do that option I’ll definitely hit you up for some recommendations.

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