Distribution of Wealth in the US

What this pie chart is saying is that 97.5% of the wealth in the US is owned by the super rich, wealthy, and upper middle class while the entire middle and working classes have 2.5% of the wealth. A situation that is comparable to the worst Third World contries (a/k/a “Banana Republics”) – and a situation that will only get worse thanks to the big new tax “compromise” approved by congress and the president. Real wages, as adjusted for inflation, have flatlined for the lower and middle classes for the last few decades. Looks like the dream of upward mobility is just that – a dream. Thanks for nothing.

Gregory Isaacs – Poor Millionaire


(Because the song is copyright protected or something you’ve got to YouTube directly to listen, couldn’t embed it)

I’ve always liked his song “Night Nurse” but I’ve never heard this song till this week. Despite him flaunting his heterosexuality in public, I’ve been playing this song a lot this week because I can relate to the idea of feeling wealthy even though I’m not, have been calmed by the lilting melody, and because it is like the fifth time this week someone has said to me or I’ve come across the reference to the expression (bible quote?) “God/Jah doesn’t give you a burden that you can’t bear” (which I’ve never heard before this week). So it’s the theme song of the week. Or one of them. RIP Mr Isaacs – he died this year.