2 thoughts on “Cadillac DeVille Concept Car, 1965

  1. This was conceived by Bill Mitchell, inspired by a Rolls he saw at a Eropean car show in 59 (prolly a concept). He pitched it to Cadillac, but they were already having success with other models, didn’t need it, turned it down.

    He pitched it to other makes, then Buick took it. It’s first incarnation was the Riviera 63 … game changer … It influenced all those cool cars in the late 60’s, early 70s.

    I see it a lot in the 70’s Monte Carlo. And, my 86 Monte Carlo looked a lot like the 63 Riviera.

    Do you agree?
    Do you have more details?

    • Hey Bill,

      I don’t really know that much about cars. The car in the picture looks a lot more “futuristc” than any Monte Carlo I’ve seen but I suppose they have some “boxiness” in common. Thanks for the info on the background of the concept car design.

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