Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day

WWII gays concentration campThis is a picture of gay men, wearing the Nazi’s pink triangles, in a concentration camp. The systematic killing of 6 million Jews was so completely and utterly horrible. But lest we forget – gays, those with “handicaps”, and “gypsies” were also systematically killed by the Nazis. The hell on earth that the German Nazis/Japanese Imperialists/Italian Fascists unleashed in the 1930s and 1940s was the most disgusting and horrifying chapter in modern human history. Over 60 million people died either in combat or were civilian war deaths/murders. Russia lost over 25 million people and China over 15 million. Even by current, 2015 world population figures (7 billion and counting!) that’s a staggering amount of people who died. Never forget.

A million hits!

Absolutely stunned that this blog has now been visited a million times since it’s inception in December 2009, though 95% of those hits came in the last 3 years. And stunned that this site has also been visited from every nation, territory, and rock on this planet except for North Korea (losers!), Turkmenistan (guess who has the world’s 2nd strongest censorship!), and both Niger and Central African Republic (who I’d give a free pass to but equally internet-less places like South Sudan & Somalia have visited and people take time out from civil war to visit from Iraq & Syria so, you know, there’s really no excuse). The most popular posts are the shirtless men, vintage pictures of men together, and funny old advertisements. I enjoy your comments and appreciate corrections!

I shall continue on pretty much the same as always. I wish I could post more but there’s a limit to my free time. I may do more large, mixed ¬†postings of a particular subject or theme but quality rather than quantity has always been my preference. I may also re-write and update the “about” statement and might post a picture of me at some point. Although one could figure out who I am and where I live from various snippets of info I’ve dropped over the years (Daniel did it, you little sleuth) I prefer to be anonymous but will say that I am located on a remote island and it’s about a 3 hours drive from the US-Canada border. I consider Boston, Montreal, and this island to be my hometowns.

As always, the disclaimer, I do not own any of the images posted here and all have been found on free internet sites. If you own a photo and want either credit or a link added or if you want it to be removed please leave a comment and I will honour your request quickly.

Now, on with the show!