Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day

WWII gays concentration campThis is a picture of gay men, wearing the Nazi’s pink triangles, in a concentration camp. The systematic killing of 6 million Jews was so completely and utterly horrible. But lest we forget – gays, those with “handicaps”, and “gypsies” were also systematically killed by the Nazis. The hell on earth that the German Nazis/Japanese Imperialists/Italian Fascists unleashed in the 1930s and 1940s was the most disgusting and horrifying chapter in modern human history. Over 60 million people died either in combat or were civilian war deaths/murders. Russia lost over 25 million people and China over 15 million. Even by current, 2015 world population figures (7 billion and counting!) that’s a staggering amount of people who died. Never forget.

One thought on “Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day

  1. i study history WW2 being the most stand out moment in history the most content and the most world involved matter during history so i know a lot about it and exactly so many people were killed it was insane russian and chinese civilian death were staggeringly high the largest amounts since the native north and south americans being nearly wiped out by european diseases

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