The Kinsey Scale of Male Sexuality

kinsey scaleThe Kinsey Report detailed the range of male sexuality – from 100% heterosexual to 100% homosexual, and everything in between. Most people, it seems, assume everyone is either straight or gay and that’s that. In fact, there is a very broad range of sexualities and I’ve found that most men are not in fact 100% straight. That does not necessarily mean they are closet cases, who are actually gay, and are just hiding their gayness. There is just a wide, grey area in between 100% gay or straight. In other words, many men are bisexual to some degree, even limited, and as the homophobia of many centuries slowly erodes away a little every decade more men are even willing to act upon their natural instincts even if only once or infrequently. That darling child, Honey Boo-Boo, ignorant hick that she may be, had it right when she said “Everyone’s just a little bit gay”.