James Mason as Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, 1954

4 thoughts on “James Mason as Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, 1954

  1. This is really interesting. This is not James Mason, but he’s posed exactly the same as Mason in a still from the movie. I wonder how this came about?

    • I had no idea who it was so I did a google image search this morning and that’s what it came up with. And then that’s what I put down for a caption. Maybe it’s just a more recent “tribute” shot or from a remake?

  2. It must be a fan pic. Because I think the face in the version you found is superimposed. Here’s a URL of the movie still. Even in the still, look at the emotion in Mason’s face. He’s just found more of the colonial soldiers who killed his wife and child and he’s about to take them out in revenge. And you can see that in every line of his face.

    Anyway, not faulting you in any way, just curious why someone would alter it. 20,000 Leagues was one of my favorite films as a kid and I honed my drawing skills sketching and painting pictures of the Nautilus, inside and out. And James Mason’s Nemo is the best part of a film that is a little dated today. A memorable performance. And Kirk Douglas! Still with us and about to turn 100! Amazing. I believe he may be close to the only living survivor of any one who worked on that film. And Peter Lorre, too. A great cast all around. See it some time if you haven’t already.

    While I’m here, let me say thank you for all the great stuff you post. I keep a collection of the landscapes and a lot of the historical photos. You’re one of the few blogs still around from those early decade days when there was more than merchandising. Your sense of culture and history are unique and I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely.

    • That’s so odd someone re-did that photo. I have no idea who did that or where I found it. I haven’t seen the movie since I was a kid, worth a re-watch sometime I’m sure!

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the blog, thanks for the kind words.

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