2 thoughts on “Taxi, NYC, 1910

  1. Hello Matthew, This is not exactly what the picture eventually felt like to you. The truth of the matter is this is no less than Sir Winston Churchill, taking a cab in 1908. It is a rather illustrious shot. The Gentleman, here at the age of 34, was for years already a Liberal (which here was very much understood as the result of his brightness, not to be confused with what to many people tend to do in America, by assimilating Liberalism to Socialism. As a matter of facts, it is in 1908 that he accessed the position of President to the Board of Trade, a position he held for two years, before being named as Home Secretary.

    • Thank you for the correction (and the information)! It is Winston Churchill in London in 1908. Wherever I got the picture said it was in NYC. I didn’t recognize the younger Winston Churchill.

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