2 thoughts on “Americana

  1. Dear Matt greetings from Paris and happy July 4th !

    A very interesting pic indeed for historical reasons showing the strong bond between our respective countries through history !

    I found the pic in a victorian era catalogue of halloween costumes:


    the incroyable costume is your image. The colors are the colors of France also, as those of the US, but the costume name of INCROYABLE, meaning incredible in French, is clearly an import from France assimilated in US popular culture. This comes the French Revolution.

    (use deepl for translation)

    After the terror of Robespierre and the end of the Convention, the period is called Directoire, the youth of Paris adopted extravagant looks and fashions, some reactionaries pushed the langage up to not speaking the “r” letter in words as it evoked the Revolution…

    Incredibly and interestingly this fashion movement of the extravagant youth of the Directoire made to the US !

    An interesting twist also: the term for gender switched in the crossing ! Incroyable was for men, and merveilleuse for women: it simply reverse for an odd reason in the US popular culture !

    Notice that at the same time the US Navy accomplished its first mission: with success, clearing the Mediterranean see of the barbaresque (arab) pirates, to the relief of all the nations of Europe !

    All the best and happy 4th , cheers.


    • Franck, Good to hear from you again. Interesting facts about the picture and history, thanks for sharing. The France-US bond is strong; built on over 200 years of shared values and saving each other during crises; and will endure long into the future.

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