Vintage men together

Oh to be young and in love! Which sounds like something a wistful (or bitter) older person would say. I’m middle aged and single. I’m actually quite fine being by myself. But if I wanted to find a man to be in a relationship with I’d probably have to move since there aren’t a lot of gay men around this region (the gays tend to leave the countryside for the big cities) – and I own a nice home, have an adequately successful business, have some friends here, and WOW is it beautiful & peaceful where I live. It’s a trade-off. I’ve wondered about living here on this island for part/most of the year and elsewhere for part of the year but rents/jobs, meeting new people. It’d difficult. Not sure how many gay guys are really interested in living on a remote island, though with the current state of the world perhaps it’s becoming more attractive. Maybe I should turn this site into my own personal dating site. Or make it a contest (laughing at this idea) – with the prize being a date with a middle aged, mustachioed, lean and muscular, highly educated, stoner lumberjack.