Vintage men together

Oh to be young and in love! Which sounds like something a wistful (or bitter) older person would say. I’m middle aged and single. I’m actually quite fine being by myself. But if I wanted to find a man to be in a relationship with I’d probably have to move since there aren’t a lot of gay men around this region (the gays tend to leave the countryside for the big cities) – and I own a nice home, have an adequately successful business, have some friends here, and WOW is it beautiful & peaceful where I live. It’s a trade-off. I’ve wondered about living here on this island for part/most of the year and elsewhere for part of the year but rents/jobs, meeting new people. It’d difficult. Not sure how many gay guys are really interested in living on a remote island, though with the current state of the world perhaps it’s becoming more attractive. Maybe I should turn this site into my own personal dating site. Or make it a contest (laughing at this idea) – with the prize being a date with a middle aged, mustachioed, lean and muscular, highly educated, stoner lumberjack.

5 thoughts on “Vintage men together

  1. Sounds inviting to me. Probably older, very content with my life and dog, but still an empty space.
    Have so enjoyed your blog for the last thirty days approximately.
    To a man of taste and depth.

  2. For what it’s worth… The city attraction often wears off in a lot of men once they hit middle age. The city is great for excitement and hook-ups, but once you tire of that it’s not so hot. Esp. in your neck of the woods (literally) there should be a fair number of men who would like to be out in nature (so to speak); there even used to be a dating mag years ago for rural gay men. Maybe there’s a website now. The issue would be employment, I think. If you fall for an accountant or graphics designer, they’d at least need to really good internet connection, but if they can work entirely on-line, then there’s no problem. I was 38 when I met David, and we’ve been together ever since.

  3. Well, you’re really my type I must say (but not sure about the mustachio (lol) ). Staying peacefully in countryside is always my dream. But my question is that: How can you keep yourself lean and muscular in the age of 56? I guess it must have something to do with your current job.
    Don’t lose hope. You will find someone who truly want to have a life with you.
    And btw, thank you for continuing posting contents. Love and respect.

  4. I love seeing and reading your posts and you sound amazing. Living in a beautiful, peaceful island with an amazing man that loves me would be an incredible gift.

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