4 thoughts on “Now get the fu*k out of our White House now, loser!

  1. Here’s the problem, Matthew. You’re right being frustrated because everything didn’t go your way. I’m as liberal as they come, and so many things were in the platform that I hated (a strong reaction, unfortunately).You realize that there is almost half the country that supports him over Biden, partly because Biden is too old, and really wasn’t a good candidate, and you will see just how bad he is, if he lives long enough.. Many people voted for him because there was no choice. I don’t like the man and I think the country is trying to head toward Marxism. Too many people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that people may think differently than they do (“how can it be?”) “I mean, I’m RIGHT” (or very left). The country is divided because people can’t respect other people’s opinions, and go so far as to destroy other’s properties and lives to get their own way.

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