Blog Anniversary

So today is the 11th anniversary of this blog and a couple of months ago it had blown past 6 million views from every nation, territory, and island in the world except North Korea (go figure). I originally dedicated this blog to my brother, David (picture below), who died in the 1990s from AIDS. Though I can’t imagine there’s internet service in the afterlife I like to think that some of these images I would’ve shared with him. He was two years older than me and we were very close. I think of him every day. He and I (as well a younger sister) were all adopted so we’re not actually blood relatives. Hence why we look very different. Both handsome, but in different ways. He was of Spanish & British descent, tall and muscular, life of the party, and shone like a 10,000 watt lightbulb wherever he went. I’m of Qu├ębecois & German descent, fairly short and lean-muscular, blond, and while not shy in the slightest I don’t think anyone has ever described me as the life of the party. Though we had different personalities they complimented each other and that bond has never broken. When I get a chance this winter I’ll update the “About Me” section to give you a better and updated picture of who I am. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by – and on with the show!