The island I live on, photographed from the Northeast in a plane

The pink “x” indicates where I live (looking off to the left – to the wide open Atlantic Ocean from a hill top) and the pink “o” indicates where my family’s summer house is located down by the shore at the head of a long inlet/cove. My family owns a big chunk of land as well as some shore frontage, my house being in the centre of it. You can see where busy little lumberjack Matthew has cut out the trashy spruce trees and allowed maples, oaks, and pines to grow up instead. Although you don’t see any houses in this picture there are some houses along the shore starting with my family’s house and going (in this photo) down the shore to the back and left side of the photo.

8 thoughts on “The island I live on, photographed from the Northeast in a plane

  1. Matthew,

    Wow!!! That is SO cool! I love it! Beautiful!!! Feel welcome to visit San Francisco (where i live) as it would be great to meet you. Thanks for sharing and hope connect one day!!



    • Hey Leo! Yeah, it’s definitely very pretty around here in the forest or along the shore. I’ve never been to the Azores but I did go to San Francisco & Berkeley once when I was a teenager and it seemed nice. Would not like living in a place where you could have a catastrophic earthquake at any moment but that doesn’t mean I wont visit again some day.

  2. This is a beautiful piece of land that you and your family owns there. I can understand that you decided to settle and make a life on that island. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

    • It’s indeed stunningly beautiful and the community is pretty liberal (actually sometimes too liberal for it’s own good but at least there only a handful of Trump voters). But, as I say, every place has it’s good aspects & bad aspects. Pretty lonely for a single gay guy but I do have some friends here and there are lots of people around for the four warmer months.

    • Hey, just trying to make a beautiful place even prettier – and getting paid to do it. The island is mostly covered in spruce, half of which (the white spruce) are all dying off due to climate change. Plenty of need for forest management before it all blows down or burns up.

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