Russia is completely destroying Ukraine in an unprovoked war Russia started but in the end it will be Putin & Russia that will be destroyed. Russia will be a backwards pariah state loathed by the world for decades to come.

2 thoughts on “SLAVA UKRAINI!

  1. And in the meantime both the Ukrainian and the Russian people are doomed to suffer from a few men’s destructive delusions. Men who are currently spreading seeds of future resentment and hatred.
    I know it’s a simplistic way of putting things, still:
    19th century had Napoleon
    20th century had Hitler
    21st century comes up with Putin
    Who’s to be the next apocalypse horseman?
    Let’s hope it will be Mother Nature herself, either through the eradication of us humans or by having us – at last – deserving the “sapiens” we never really proved to be worth about until now.

    • Not sure I agree with the last part of your statement – there are an awful lot of good people on this planet. But between totalitarians with nukes and the climate crisis the human race is going to have a tough time of it going forward.

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