Dear Tiffany

This post is for a woman named Tiffany from Las Vegas, yeah I looked you up hon, who sent me a comment via this blog that was incredibly homophobic and distasteful, a comment I declined to approve. Actually I marked it as spam so you are not welcome here. I have many things I could say but why bother wasting my precious free time with your hatred? Instead, I’ll let British singer Lily Allen convey my response:

4 thoughts on “Dear Tiffany

  1. Thanks, Maureen! I live in a pretty liberal region so direct/in-your-face homophobia is rare. Tiffany’s comment was an eye opener though in terms of seeing such blatant nastiness. What an ugly soul she must have.

    • I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so it’s very, very rare here as well. I actually had a distant cousin of mine who lives in a cave (I mean in Mississippi) unfriend me on Facebook over my ‘rainbow profile photo’. I think it literally made her head crack open and venom spill out. She totally went off her rocker over it. Oh yea, and of course she’s praying for my soul on the day I, “stand in judgement before HIM.”

      Seriously? Ummm, hello!

      • Oh dear Lord. Pun intended. Though I do very much believe in freedom of speech and belief, I don’t believe in freedom of hate speech in so far as you can believe anything you want but hateful things one should just keep to oneself. Tiffany’s words were even more offensive than those of your cousin and it was eye opener to experience such homophobia first hand. Even though I live in a liberal area I do still experience homophobia pretty much every day – but it’s very indirect… like paper cuts instead of being stabbed. Sometime soon I’ll write a blog post about “21st century homophobia” as I’ve experienced it.

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