Prince Constantin Radziwill

Interesting gentleman. Born to an aristocratic Polish family with loads of royal titles and bloodlines as well as lots of prime European real estate but not tons of cash. He combined all that with a marriage to a wealthy woman who’s family made a fortune in high class gambling including developing the Casino de Monte-Carlo with the royal family of Monaco. He was unabashedly gay and was infamous for employing 12 strapping house boys as well as being a close friend of Marcel Proust. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a direct descendant of him and her sister bore the Radziwill name.


I lived in Philadelphia for 2 years a long time ago. Absolutely did not like the city but I was there to get a masters degree in project management at the University of Pennsylvania & Wharton (not an MBA though), which I did, and had a really hot Italian-American boyfriend the whole time I was there. So definitely worth it but I’ve never been back since.