Ukrainian women in the Anti-Nazi resistance, WWII

I’m super pissed that more nations aren’t at least sending advanced weapons systems (air defences and anti-tank missiles) to Ukraine to help deter a Russian invasion. Rather than provoking Putin, it would send a message to him that it would be very costly to try to invade a nation that does not want to be invaded. I realize Ukraine is not part of NATO but it is an ally and we all have a stake in preventing a major war in Eastern Europe. It won’t result in WWIII but it would be highly destructive to Ukraine, the international economy, and to the only thing keeping peace in the world – the notion that you do not cross your borders. My guess is that Russia, in the end, won’t try to take over the whole country but may seize the eastern regions. Ukraine wants to be part of EU and has suffered incredibly under Russian/Soviet rule in the past – please don’t turn your back on Ukraine. I don’t have any stake in this but I’m channeling my now dead (adopted) Ukrainian grandmother who instilled in me a fierce pride in an independent Ukraine.