The evolution of Matthew – yup, this is me

It started out so innocently. I was born blond, went brunette, and now am blond and grey (silver and gold!)
Me as a precocious teenager
Hanging out on beaches in the 1990s
That brief period in the 2000s when I had a goatee
Settling into my blond/grey haired years like 10 years ago, pictured here with US Representative Chellie Pingree and her daughter, Hannah, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives
What I look like these days except this was just a temporary “louche” look and the soul patch under the lip is gone and the handlebar stache is now just a regular above the lip stache. What you don’t see is that I’m in really good shape with muscular & furry legs, hot ass, forearms of steel, and a belly that at least is lean even if it has zero definition. Maybe this summer I’ll take some more photos. Not particularly fond of taking photos as my facial expression always seems to come out silly or awkward. Anyway, you get an idea of what I look like. Mystery over.