Pan Am “Flying Clipper” service to the Caribbean

In the late 1980s my boyfriend at the time, a hot Italian-American, and I took a winter vacation to Barbados & St. Lucia. We flew on Pan Am out of JFK in NYC. It started out normally – passengers loading on to the plane and baggage being put in the hold of the 747. I prefer a window seat because I like to look out at the scenery and though I have zero fear of flying I can get a little claustrophobic so a window seat helps with that. We got to our seats and settled in. I looked out the window and much to my horror I saw that the wing was mangled. Like seriously mangled, a tall truck must’ve hit or something a and one of the flaps was crumbled. . And here we were about to head out over the open Atlantic like there was no problem. We rang for the air hostess and pointed out the window. She turned white as snow and ran up to the cockpit. We had to deplane and wait for another plane. Delayed our vacation but better than ending up in the ocean. Pan Am went bankrupt a few years later and folded.