8,000,000 hits!

Um, wow. I’m actually kind of stunned that this blog just blew past 8,000,000 hits this morning. Thought this blog is technically over 10 years old it’s only been in its daily posting format the last 5 or 6 years I think. Never anticipated that this would have as much reach and certainly not as extensive global viewership as it does. Glad you like what you see! And I’m glad that I have a little time most days to do this. Not planning any major changes to content or style in the future except maybe one day I’ll post some more photos of the island I live on and some of myself. Though I’m not of the same caliber & youth as most of the model pix I post I’m definitely a lot more attractive than most guys now in their 50s. The lumberjack workout does wonders at keep you in shape and young looking, let me tell you!

Be nice to one another, wear your goddamn mask, and keep fighting fascism!