8,000,000 hits!

Um, wow. I’m actually kind of stunned that this blog just blew past 8,000,000 hits this morning. Thought this blog is technically over 10 years old it’s only been in its daily posting format the last 5 or 6 years I think. Never anticipated that this would have as much reach and certainly not as extensive global viewership as it does. Glad you like what you see! And I’m glad that I have a little time most days to do this. Not planning any major changes to content or style in the future except maybe one day I’ll post some more photos of the island I live on and some of myself. Though I’m not of the same caliber & youth as most of the model pix I post I’m definitely a lot more attractive than most guys now in their 50s. The lumberjack workout does wonders at keep you in shape and young looking, let me tell you!

Be nice to one another, wear your goddamn mask, and keep fighting fascism!

10 thoughts on “8,000,000 hits!

  1. Congratulations, Matthew!
    Such an impressive amount of hits can only reflect one major thing: the quality of your eclectic daily posts, along with your fine tastes in men.

    • Merci, Laurent! I think I have good taste, but I guess everyone thinks their taste is great. It also helped a little bit that I accidentally figured out a way to have my blog get ranked higher in Google image searches. Getting millions of hits was never my intention though, so it’s a nice surprise. `

    • Thanks! I guess I’m surprised how many people have found this blog given that I don’t do anything to publicize it, link it, or get it listed.

  2. Really well done, Matthew! Your daily posts are as much a part of life as my morning cuppa, but spicier. When you posted photos of guys in the snow the day before, I really flushed that the next one was lumberjack YOU … but no! Now you’ve hinted we might see you sometime soon. Cheers from Down Under.

    • Thanks! Not exactly sure when morning time in Australia is compared to Atlantic/Eastern time but never hurts to have some pretty things to look at to start the day. I’ll get around to posting some pictures of me at some point. I’m a little older than the models you see on these pages but in good shape. Not a toned gym body like the models I post – my shape and muscles come from my lumberjack and garden work. I get paid to work out, but do not do any actual workout besides occasional stomach crunches.

  3. CONGRATS my virtual friend! It’s always amusing to see how you tie posts together… don’t think that’s lost on us regular followers! just one example… models wearing orange to lucille ball! HAHA… genius… It amazes me how you are able to consistently come up with themes filled with the hottest men on earth!
    And yes, please, I’d be most intrigued to see YOU!!!
    Keep ’em coming!!

    • Thanks, Chuck! It’s a pleasure serving up new posts every day. The linking of posts is a little bit OCD (and time consuming) on my part but I’d rather have this blog seem more like a thread than a jumble of completely disassociated and clashing images.

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